Travelling by Hill Taxi

We highly recommend the hill taxi to those guests with a sense of adventure. These open jeeps not only provide speedy transport up the hill but also ensure an unforgettable part of your time spent in Badacsony.


All ready to go in the centre of Badacsony

The journey can be supplemented by a tour around the hill that will take you to places that you would probably never otherwise be able to reach.

Setting off to the slopesA short rest
Beautiful - must take a photo!Carrying on...

Enjoy stunning views as you travel around on your hill tour as you can see virtually all of Lake Balaton from the summit of the hill. The view that stretches out before you provides the kind of unique, uplifting experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

A wonderful view of Lake Balaton from the vineyardsView from the slopes

While on your tour you will also have the chance to see Szigliget that was surrounded by the waters of Lake Balaton up to one hundred years ago. Today, the waters of the lake have receded slightly to form what is now a peninsula.

View in the direction of SzigligetSzigliget Castle

The other stop on your tour will offer you a glimpse of the Keszthely Cove and from higher up you will be able to see the basalt organ pipes formed over thousands of years.

The BadacsonyThe Badacsony basalt organ pipes

Basalt is one of the hardest stones but it still wasn't able to withstand the erosive forces of nature and this is how the rock formation was created that resembles the pipes of an organ.

The Badacsony basalt organ pipes from the hillThe Badacsony basalt organ pipes from the hill

The tour - rather like a rollercoaster - will carry you around the curves and contours of the hill, adding a memorable experience to your time in Badacsony.

You need a jeep up here...Untrodden paths on the hill
Hang on! Arriving at the Rózsakő Wine Cellar and Restaurant